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Date: 16 August 2023
Venue: CSIR International Convention Centre

Bridging the Gap: Fostering Public-Private Cooperation

This one-day event, under the theme Uniting Public and Private Sectors for the Empowerment of South Africa’s Defence and Security Sectors, aims to bring together key stakeholders from government entities, the defence and security industry, private funding institutions and academic and research institutions to explore PPP opportunities and discuss strategies to strengthen South Africa’s defence and security capabilities. 

PPPs are a commonly utilised mechanism by government, combining the Public and private sectors for the purpose of delivering a project or service traditionally provided by the public sector to incentivize the private sector to deliver projects on time and within budget. PPPs are also used as a means of introducing private sector technology and innovation in providing better public services through improved operational efficiency. Based on the 3 pillars of governance, institutions and capacity, the main priority is to now extend the PPPs concept towards the consideration of and implementation by the security cluster and defence space.

This event, in addition to exploring the in-depth implementation process of defence and security customized PPP, also seeks to address how public and private sectors work together to solve the current challenges in the defence and security space. Participants will engage on how the industry can help the Security Cluster come up with innovative solutions to its challenges, including providing security equipment and services in times of budget constraints. 

Brought to you in collaboration with AMD

We bring you this event in collaboration with the Aerospace, Maritime, and Defence Industries Association (AMD) of South Africa.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional event that fosters cooperation, drives innovation, and strengthens South Africa’s defence capabilities.

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  • Unite Public and Private Sectors: Explore collaboration between government entities, defence and security industry, private funding institutions, and academic/research institutions to bolster South Africa’s defence capabilities.
  • Exclusive Insights from Key Stakeholders: Engage with prominent figures from the public and private sectors, gaining invaluable insights into defence and security challenges and opportunities.
  • Harness the Power of PPPs: Discover how Public Private Partnerships can revolutionize the sector, introducing cutting-edge technology and innovation for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Tailored Defence and Security PPP Implementation: Learn from successful case studies and best practices, tailoring PPPs to meet the unique demands of South Africa’s security cluster.
  • Collaborative Solutions for Budget Constraints: Participate in discussions on industry contributions to provide security equipment and services despite budget constraints.
  • Network and Connect: Build relationships and expand your network among like-minded professionals sharing a vision for a secure and empowered South Africa.
A locally manufactured Ratel infantry combat vehicle of the SA Army (Guy Martin)

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  • Pulling the South African defence industry out of the mud
    on 22 August 2023

    The recent Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for Defence and Security conference provided an interesting outlook on an alternate future for the defence and security sector. The PPP conference highlighted the complex nature of the rapidly deteriorating security environment combined with a lack of government resources. The SA Defence Industry (SADI) environment problem analysis aligns with

  • Gallery: Public-Private Partnerships for Defence and Security conference August 2023
    on 17 August 2023
  • Public-private partnership a feasible solution for SANDF simulation training
    on 11 August 2023

    The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) does not use much of its simulation training systems at present due to budget constraints, but this can be addressed through public-private partnerships (PPPs) where costs are shared with industry. This is the belief of Cobus Valentine, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Product Management at Global Command

  • Potential PPP options for the SANDF
    on 7 August 2023

    Next week’s Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) for Defence and Security conference is going to explore the potential for expanding South African National Defence Force (SANDF) capabilities through PPPs. The question is then what systems would be viable for PPP collaboration for the SANDF? The ideal environment for a PPP solution is that the PPP option would


Public Private Growth Initiative (PPGI) in advancing the relationship between government and private sector

Roelf Meyer, Director, In Transformation Initiative

Roelf Meyer is a lawyer and former South African politician known for his key role in ending apartheid. He served as Chief Negotiator for the National Party Government and worked alongside Cyril Ramaphosa of the ANC to achieve the first democratic elections in 1994.

Meyer has since become an influential peace process advisor, serving in various conflict areas worldwide. He is currently a director at the In Transformation Initiative, a South African-based institution focusing on facilitation and advisory work.

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